Name: Lenus
Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Hair color: silver
Eye color: black
Favorite color: gray
Favorite food: Timberwolf dogfood (he actually likes the taste of fruit and vegetables)
Hobbies: making Nero wear costumes, playing pranks on others, brewing trouble

He's not your average dog. In fact, this smart canine can talk. Not much is known of his past except for the fact that he descended from the Wolf God, Almor, which technically makes him a half-god. Like most dogs, Lenus is very playful and he is dedicated to making Nero get into as much trouble as possible. However, he can also be very lazy and lethargic - especially during the afternoons. When the sun is still high, he spends his time sleeping in cool places or under the artificial coolness brought about by electric fans.


Name: Nero Faolan
Age: 16
Birthday: December 15, 1990
Hair color: brown
Eye color: black
Favorite color: Olive green or dark green
Favorite food: chicken teriyaki
Favorite subject: Physics
Least favorite subject: Home Economics

Despite the name and the look, Nero is female. Biologically, that is. Her physical appearance says otherwise. After many years, she has finally accepted the fact that she pass off more as a boy than a girl. Her family has served the clan of wolf gods for hundreds of years. They were slaves to the wolf gods by birth, and so is Nero. Despite the fact that it is the 21st century, Nero is obliged to carry out her family's legacy and in consequence to this, she now serves the half-god, Lenus.

Nero is a rather quiet person until the moment someone forces her to manifest her wrath. Sometimes she may be quite sarcastic and she occasionally enjoys teasing Lenus. She is an unsual individual who enjoys solving physics problems when bored. She also likes to watch movies, especially tragedies. Some of her favorite plays are Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and Hamlet. She openly confesses her hatred of Home Economics and could not cook to save her life.


Name: Rhal Darcy
Age: ?
Birthday: November 18
Hair color: black
Eye color: indigo
Favorite color: red
Favorite food: ?

A friend of Lenus and Nero who designs clothes and costumes for production companies. Not much is known about him except that he's a nocturnal person and is quite cunning.


Name: Muhr
Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: green
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite food: mango cake

She has a bubbly and hyper personality who loves to glomp Nero as a greeting. She wears clothes in extremes unless she's at home. Muhr, like Lenus, likes seeing Nero dressed (maybe even more so). She together with Rahl, Lenus, and Nero, goes to the Darcy's club every Wednesday to "improve their social skills", and entertain customers.

Characters will be added as they are introduced in the story.

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