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It never occurred to Nero that after Lenus, her half-god master, decides to blackmail her to cross-dress and trick someone to win a bet, she would find herself caught up with more trouble than they could handle...and that was only the beginning. RATING: PG-13 - due to the future relationships in this story. :P This is set during a slightly different 21st century. The existence of gods and half-gods, demons, and such makes this fall into a different category. :P The first chapters are lighter, but a more complex plot will progress as the story unfolds. The title of the comic itself has meaning, as well as the characters'. Feel free to search the web and speculate about them. : ) And, no, this is not officially shounen-ai. Although, there's bound to be a lot of kinds of relationships in this comic. Possibly yuri, shounen-ai, and incest. Possibly. But the primary focus will be het. :3 Ratings and comments would be nice. :D

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Nabila vol01ch001 pg25
Nabila vol01ch001 pg25

next update?

The next update will probably after I've finished all my exams. We're having second unit tests and quarterly tests for the next two weeks - not to mention project deadlines. And /then/ graduation practices with Yearbook Club meetings so...I'll try to update till then. :P

Late Updates

The comic will be updated at a later period (after one - two - weeks?) because of oral tests and, still, projects. -__-;

Seeing that there are at least a few people who read this comic, please wait patiently. :)

Updates. xD

Heh, never mind. :P I'm enjoying this too much to make just one page a week. I'll probably be making two or three, LOL.

Momentary Update Schedule

Until school keeps me busy, updates will be: one to two pages per week and those will be uploaded during weekends. :) Sorry I couldn't update more often, but until graduation practice on the month of March, this is the best schedule I could think of. I'm even abandoning my fanfics for this. :P

New Layout

I finally finished the new layout. :D Now the site would look more appealing when viewed.
Hm. I'll try to make another page. Let's see. x3

page thirteen, chapter one

I'm sorry I can't upload more than a page or two a week for the next three weeks. Project deadlines and exams are up so until the 20th of January, updates will be really slow. >_<;

And about the new description -- I had to stop making people think Nero was a boy, even after I've drawn her in a dress when she was five.

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